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Breaking News: Rakhines Tortured a Rohingya to Half-Dead in Phauktaw

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 31st January 2019

Phauktaw: An innocent Rohingya was mercilessly beaten to an almost half-dead situation by a group of extremist Moghs (Rakhines) in a village of Phauktaw Township today (31st January), reports a local from the scene.

A Rohingya tortured in Phauktaw Township by a group of Mogh extremists on today (31st January 2019). Image: RVISION TV

A Rohingya hailing from Seing Tat Maw village was beaten inhumanely by a group of Moghs (Rakhines), while collecting firewood in a nearby hilly area.

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The inhumane torture and beating of the Moghs left him in serious condition, due to critical deep injuries.

According to a villager, he is in half dead situation and is in need of immediate medical treatment.

Due to the blockage of immediate treatment for the Rohingya in the region, his family members are extremely worried about his life. The victim is not yet identified.

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Since decades this sort of inhumane incident has consistently incited fear among the Rohingya and they are in a situation either to live there in daily torture and abuse or to leave their homeland like other hundreds of thousands sheltering in exile.

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