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Breaking News: Rakhine Terrorists Kill Three Rohingyas in Sittwe

M.S. Anwar |

September 11, 2013

Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan– This early morning, Rakhine terrrorists killed three Rohingya fishermen just out to sea from the coast of the village of Ye Chan Pyin, Sittwe Township.

“There were four Rohingya fishermen went for fishing in the sea not so out from the coast of Ye Chan Pyin village. A group of ‘Rakhine’ terrorists spotted them in the sea. They attacked them. And then, they threw the four fishermen into the sea tying their hands and legs together. Three innocent Rohingyas died and one survived” said a local Rohingya in Sittwe Township.

“They went out for fishing because they can no longer face starvation. Now, Rakhine extremists are behaving like demons and killing innocent people just like that” he exclaimed.


It has been updated that the actual numbers of Rohingya fishermen killed by Rakhine extremists last night were not THREE but FIVE.

At 10PM on 10th September 2013, they (altogether six fishermen) went for fishing out to the sea by the said village.

Around 1AM on 11th September 2013, all of them were thrown into the sea with their hands and legs tied. Five died or disappeared and one survived.

The surviving victim is Abdul Majid S/o Abdul Malik (Age 30) from the village of Pyalay Chaung (Gaddin Peik). He arrived at the coast around 7AM on 11th September 2013. He is now in Police custody of Ye Chan Pyin and being investigated.

The details of the dead or disappearing Rohingya fishermen are:

1) Abdul Aziz S/o Abdul Malik (Age 42) from Pyalay Chaung (Gaddin Peik)

2) Nabi Hussain S/o Khala Meah (Age 40) from Pyalay Chaung (Gaddin Peik)

3) Shafi Ullah S/o Noor Ullah (Age 18) from Pyalay Chaung (Gaddin Peik)

4) Fir Mohammed S/o Mohammed Hussain (Age 11) from Muzair (Nyaung Pin Gyi)

5) Nabi Hussain S/o Sayed Hussain (Age 21) from Muzair (Nyaung Pin Gyi).

These innocent people died or have been disappearing since they were thrown out into the sea. But their boat was spotted at a plae by a Rakhine village called ‘Kwi Deik Paik Seik’.

(Report by a Rohingya in Sittwe)

Please watch this space for details and updates.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Sittwe (Akyab),

106 Rohingyas were released from Sittwe (Akyab) prison today. They were arrested in Anauk-Pyin, Rathedaung, under false accuasations of involving in the violence in 2012. They had been detained since then and were finally released today.
They are at the moment going to be located in Bumay Quarter Sittway.