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Breaking News: Rakhine Extremists Attempt to Attack Rohingyas in Baggona

By A. Naing

Updated at 12: 05AM, June 20, 2014 ׀ First posted at 9:30PM (MST), June 19, 2014


Maungdaw, Arakan: Rakhine extremists armed with swords and spears attempted to attack a few Rohingya homes in the village of Baggona in southern Maungdaw around 8PM on 19th June 2014. Rohingya villagers altogether chased the extremists away and Border Guard Police fired warning shots. But since then, police force and military force are building up its strength in the village. The situation seems really tensed.

“At 8:00PM on June 19, 2014, a group of around 25 Rakhine extremists armed with swords and spears sneaked into the village of Baggona in southern Maungdaw. When they were about launching attacks on few homes in Raastar Fara (Middle hamlet) of the village, many local Rohingyas got together and chased them away.

Meanwhile, an infantry unit of Border Guard Police (BGP) [under Regiment (camp) 15 of Commandment Area (Naymyay) 7] encamped at village administration office fired two warning-shots. Rakhine extremists disappeared and Rohingyas also returned.

However, the BGP reported the incident to the office of Maungdaw Township Administration Office totally other way round. They reported it as if Rohingyas linked with *RSO fired the gunshots, not them.

Two vans of Police arrived afterwards and they are still in the village. But they haven’t carried out any atrocities yet. The Situation is tensed. We are extremely because of the BGP’s misreport” said a local Rohingya (of a nearby village) to Rohinigya Vision TV.

“A few hours earlier in the evening (i.e. around 4PM), at least 50 Military from MOC (Military Operation Command) 15 at 10-Mile Region arrived and encamped at a place by the newly-reconstructed-British-time-Highway to east of the village. This means authority and Rakhine extremists knew what would/will happen.

The incident was preplanned. They want to terrorize local Rohingyas again like in June and July 2012. Especially because the villagers are standing for their rights and not accepting forced classification of Rohingyas as Illegal Bengalis.

Besides, whenever Union Government is about to soften its approach against Rohingyas, Rakhine State Government (formed with Rakhine extremists under Vet U Aye Maung, chairman of Rakhine National Development Party) creates unrests and violence to get their political aims fulfilled” he continued.

Update:  “Truth has not completely died out” says a Rohingya in Nurullah village.

“Yesterday, Border Guard Police (BGP) in Baggona fired gunshots and misreported the incident to the higher authority as if Rohinyas linked with RSO did that.
However, Captain Soe Moe Aung of BGP Unit in Nurullah said that Muslims in Baggona didn’t do it but BGP in the village did that. Besides, he also affirmed to the higher that Muslims do not have any arms or guns” he continued.

TODAY, BGP Chief Commander Colonel Tin Ko Ko is to hold a meeting with the villagers regarding the incident.

*RSO= Rohingya Solidarity Organization RSO is a former Rohingya armed group that has been disbanded long ago. Bangladesh government has officially announced that it is no longer existent today. Now, Rakhine extremists and Myanmar Government have started to spread propaganda that RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), is attacking Myanmar Border Guards and trying to invade Myanmar so as to be able to kill even more innocent Rohingyas.

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