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Breaking News: New Round of Violence against Rohingyas Looms in Kyauktaw

Reports by Sallam Oic & Mohammed

Kyauktaw Township, Arakan State ׀ Monday, July 14, 2014

A new round of violence against Rohingya community in Kyauktaw Township seem imminent post two Rohingya famers have been kidnapped by Rakhine extremists, say sources.

A Boat Jetty in Kyauktaw Township

The kidnapped victims are identified to be 40-year-old Abdul Ghafur (son of) U Afzal and 35-year-old Khalaya (son of) U Mir Ahmed hail from Yadana Pun village also known as Nairong. They have not returned home and been incommunicado since they were abducted on June 10.

“They were working in their farms not so far from a Rakhine village called Taung Bwe also called Moora Fara. Taung Bwe has two hamlets: one, Rakhine village and another, Rohingya village. A group of Rakhine extremists appeared from the Rakhine Taung Bwe village and abducted the two farmers while they were working.

Their villagers lodged a police complaint yesterday as they had disappeared since then. The Kyauktaw didn’t even show intention to act on the complaint. We feel the farmers have likely been killed” said a local Rohingya of Yadana Pun.

However, it has been learnt that instead of taking actions, the Police are rather cooperating with Rakhine extremists in conspiring new round of violence against Rohingya people in Kyauktaw Township. Rakhine extremists are openly calling for mass-killings of Rohingyas spreading propaganda that they (Rohingyas) have destroyed the heads of Buddha Statues on the Taung Bwe hilltop.

“Rakhine extremists and officials together seem to have conspired and destroyed the heads of the statues and put the blame on us. They are inciting Buddhists all over Myanmar by spreading the false information and calling for our heads” said Mohammed, a local of Kyauktaw.

Thus, yesterday evening, around 100 government officials consist of Kyauktaw Administrator, U Khin Maung, around 50 Police Personnel including the township police chief U Thein Kyaw, Sayapha (Military Intelligence), Sasasa (Special Investigation Police) and Rakhine media arrived at the Rakhine village where the incidents were said to have taken place. Many Rakhine terrorists were seen arriving at the village by two boats, according to the locals.

On the other hand, eight Rohingya girls of class eight were alleged for being responsible for the destructions of heads of the Buddha Statues.

“A Buddhist nun was said to have witnessed the girls nearby the hill-slope of Taung Nge Hilltop where the statues are located. But the girls hail from Taung Bwe Rohingya village admitted that they just went there to pick flowers. Taking advantage of that, the girls were accused Rakhine extremists and investigated by the authority. We don’t know what happened to them yet. Many of the people have left the village in fear” Mohammed added.

However, according to the latest reports, Rakhine extremists are saying that they are not pleased with the mere investigations. They are calling other Buddhists for rooting out Muslims. In relation to this, Myanmar Vice President Dr. Sai Maung Kham is expected to arrive at the village later today.

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