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Breaking News: Military’s Gunfire Critically Injured Rohingyas in Rathedaung

Rathedaung: Military shot down civilians and arrested a few Rohingyas in Razarbil (Aung Nya Ra) village of Rathedaung township today (4th August 2017) says eyewitnesses.

In the incidence 50 military arrived in the early morning at 7 AM and starting arresting innocent Rohingya along with looting and molesting women. Later while taking them to their custody, some arrestees along with the help of local were trying to free themselves from military. Following that military started shooting on civilians, where a few Rohingyas were injured heavily.

In the gun fire some of the arrestee freed themselves and a few of the others were injured heavily whom are lingering with life and death. Details of some of the injured victims are:

  1. Sayed Ullah S/O Karim Ullah, 14 : shot on knee
  2. Abdu Sufyan S/O Abul Kasim, 17 : shot on the checks and lost his entire teeth
  3. Bashir Ahmed S/O Muhammed Hasan, 20 : shot on elbow
  4. Abdu Subur S/O Motu, 40 : shot on the belly
  5. Younus SO Noor Alam, 26

Identification of the arrested victims are:

  1. Nay Sa Rullh S/O Noor, 30
  2. Ramo tulla S/O Amir, 40
  3. Amir Hussain S/O Rahmatullah, 20

Now Rohingyas in Rathedaung are in extreme fear of the Military whom are seen in heavy numbers towards the region, where military backed Rakhine extremists also attacked on 29th July 2017. And further details of the injured and arrestees are still unknown for the ongoing raids, but death toll seems to start as the injured are in critical health condition and are in need of immediate medical assistance.

[Note: Report will be updated soon]

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