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Breaking News: Military & Rakhine Extremists’ Join Raid Going on in Rathedaung

By RVision TV | 29th July 2017

Rathedaung: Armed Rakhine (Moghs) Along with military jointly raided Rathedaung township today (29th July 2017), reports a suffering local.

In the tragic incidence around 400 Rakhine (Moghs) along with 50 military personals arrived at the hills of Rathedaung with false accusation of searching a missing Rakhine (mogh) in the hilly areas.

According to local villagers a huge conspiracy is being seen in this search, as all the Rakhine(Moghs) are armed with long knives, swords and other sharp objects. And now military have stationed in their new camp in Rathedaung which they built recently.

Following the situation locals are in extreme fear of the after myth of the incidence, as Rathedaung Rohingyas have faced these type of persecution & torture earlier as well.

In another separate incidence today, BGP raided the market in Haindafara village of Maungdaw since early morning, where they arrested 2 innocent Rohingyas. Updates of further military persecutions are still unknown due to the ongoing raids.


[Note: Report will be UPDATED soon]

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