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Breaking news: Military Fire, Fierce and Forced Displacement Placed Rohingya in Dilemma

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 7th October 2017

Buthidaung: Rakhine extremists (Moghs) in collaboration with Border Guard Police (BGP) and Military torched the entire market in Alichaung area of Buthidaung Township, and razed the shops to ashes on 7th October 2017, reports our correspondents from the crime scene.

Rakhine extremists suddenly arrived along with Military and Border Guard police (BGP) at 11:40 PM in Alichaung market in Buthidaung and immediately started burning the entire market since 12:00 AM. Details of casualties are yet unknown.

Couples of hours ago at 08:00 PM of 6th September 2017, Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) set fire on at least 18 Rohingya shops in Dargwafara (KyaukHlayKhar) village in Northern Maungdaw and left the few remaining Rohingyas in extreme dilemma.

Massive fire was spreading to the whole village, where the Rohingya villagers attempted to extinguish the fire to save the little existing homes in their villages. Details of life or property loss is still uncounted.

Excluding fire incidences, Rohingyas in Buthidaung Township are extremely suffering in this military made catastrophe. On 29th September, 2017 a fleeing pregnant Rohingya woman gave birth in her journey of unknown fate and died immediately after giving birth.

Fire, fierce and force displacement of brutal Burmese government seems to engulf the lives of remaining Rohingyas either by direct or indirect killings and atrocities, completing their long desired genocide of Rohingyas.

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