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Breaking News: Brutal Raids of Burma’s NaSaKa Force Resurface



Thuriya Min

RVision News


Maung Daw, Arakan– The brutal and barbaric raids of NaSaKa (Bordering Security Force) in Rohingyas’ Houses in the village of Khawar Bil (Kyi Kan Pyin) have been going on since 10th May 2013. The NaSaKa have looted and vandalized each and every valuable property found in the 12 Rohingya houses in the village till date.

“The brutal raids started three days ago apparently because of the villagers’ reluctance to participate in the Forced Bengalization Process. Since Rohingyas denied taking part in such a fraudulent process, NaSaKa attempted to arrest Rohingya men in each and every Rohingya family in the village. NaSaKa is unable to arrest any Rohingya men because they go into hiding. As a result, they (NaSaKa) tried to carry on their process by forcing the Rohingya women remaining in the house. But the women straightly denied cooperating with NaSaKa in the process without the permission of their men.

Therefore, even Rohingya women, now, have to go into hiding during the NaSaKa raids. And NaSaKa have gone rampant and wild. They are raiding and destroying Rohingyas’ houses, looting valuable goods and vandalizing the properties right from the chairs, tables and to cooking pots. Till now, so happened in 12 Rohingyas’ houses” said a nearby villager.

“Besides, many Rohingyas in the town are worried whether NaSaKa is deliberately to incite violence against Rohingyas again by creating chaos. Today, NaSaKa Force is made up of Rakhine extremists by half. Therefore, we are extremely worried now” he added.