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Breaking News: An Abandoned Rohingya Corpse Found in Akyab

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 14th September 2018

Akyab: A Rohingya was killed and his corpse was found abandoned in cyclone center at Akyab (Sitwe) Township today (14th Sept), reports’ locals.

A Rohigya corpse was found in the Akyab cyclone center, with lots of injuries on his body.

The cyclone center is located near the a police post and local suspects that he was killed by Burmese forces 2-3 days before, after looking at the bleeding condition of the dead body.

Earlier 2-3 months another Rohingya was killed in the same cyclone center, which always remains evacuated.

Rohingay named, Kyaw Maung, 22 found dead in Akyab (Sitwe) Cyclone Center. Image: RVISION TV

The victim was identified to be Kyaw Maung S/O Dudu Mia, 22 and his body was rescued from the terrace of the cyclone center. He hails from Internally displaced peoples camp (IDP) near Dar Baing, known as the Reffot Bariza camp.

So far no clue of the murderers of Kyaw Maung have been known to anyone. But, locals strongly believe that gov’t forces are behind it, as they have been fearless killing Rohingya since decades.

“It must be police who killed him, at night no one goes here and earlier many incidents happened similar to this,” says a Rohingya, worrying about the upcoming days.

Earlier on 11th September an innocent Rohingya shopkeeper was tortured inhumanely by Burmese (Luien Thein) security forces and now he is in half dead situation, with fear of losing one of his eyes.

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