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Breaking: A Rohingya Village Under Assaults of Authority: Military and Security Force Open Fire, Plunder the Village and Carry Out Mass-Arrests

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

14th January 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan: Around 3AM this morning (on 14th January @014 morning), a joint force of Military, Security Force (Hlun Hteins) and Police started raiding the village of Anthala village of east Kilai-Daung (Du-Chira-Dan) village tract, southern Maungdaw. They opened fire at the people. They started carrying out mass-arrests regardless of age and gender. During the operation, many people were injured, some say few people have died as well.

The whole account is as mentioned below.

“In Southern Maungdaw at 11PM last night (i.e. 13th January 2013), Police from Kaye-Myaing station together with Rakhine extremists from the village of Kin-Chaung were carrying out robberies at a few Rohingya houses in the nearby village of Kilai-Daung (Du-Chira-Dan). As they called out for help, the villagers rushed to rescue them from the robbers. So, the robbers and the villagers had fierce fights.

When the villagers realized that there were also police among the Rakhine robbers robbing their co-villagers’ houses, they backed off and left respectively. However, 4 hours later (i.e. around 3AM on 14th January 2014), a joint force of Military, Security Force (Hlun Hteins) and Police blocked and started raiding the village. They said that one of their Policemen died during the brawl with the villagers. But we don’t know how far their allegation is true. Neither anybody has seen the policeman’s deadbody nor they could show his dead body.

They opened fire at people trying to escape. Many people injured, while some say people were shot dead as well. They arrested innocent people en masse irrespective to gender or age. Rohingya girls, women, children, men and old people on two trucks were taken to unknown places subsequently. People around the region are struck with immense fear. Nobody knows how many his/her family members got arrested or died.

The village has been declared to be Red-Zone or No Entry Zone for Rohingyas. It is being seeing from a far place that Rakhine extremists are looting and taking away all the properties and goods from Rohingya houses. Numbers of houses and One Mosque have been destroyed till now” said a local from a nearby village.

“We don’t know why they are carrying such atrocities without any humane consideration through a malicious conspiracy. Maybe the authority do not want see the region somehow stablizing. Or the authority just want to divert people’s attention from the fact that they seized many piles of weapons of destruction at a Rakhine Buddhist monastery called Damma-Yun at Myoma Kayindan (Shiddafara), Maungdaw. Whatever the case maybe, we are extremely suffering in their cat and mouse game. As of now, we are unable to describe how much destruction they have done to the village and the villagers” he continued.

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Alay Maung Daw




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