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Breaking News: A Rohingya Village in Southern Maungdaw Under Siege of the Military and Security Force

M.S. Anwar | Novemebr 15, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan: A Rohingya village in southern Maung Daw has been under siege of the military from the battalion 352 and Hlun Htein (Security Force) since 8PM on 14th November 2013. They blocked the village alleging that Bengalis from the Bangladesh are seaking into the village.

“Government has put up iron-fence along the Naff River (bordering Bangladesh) and the border with Bangladesh.

Long ago, the fence by (or to the west of) the village of ‘Boid-Daw Fara’ of the Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi (Daang-Khali) village tract, southern Maung Daw, has broken down ိကနိကနdue to the waves from the Naff River and the heavy moonsoon. GE Force (that constructs road and fence along the border areas in Maung Daw) went to the village to repair the fence this evening.

However, starting at 8PM tonight, military from battalion 352 and Security Force began to surround and block the village accusing that the villagers have broken down the fence in order to bring in illegal Bengalis from Bangladesh. The village has been under their siege since then. The villagers ran away fearing the tortures and arrests” said an elder in the village.

“We feel that the military and security force are deliberately doing so ahead of the OIC’s visit to Maung Daw tomorrow. They are blantantly trying to portray a fake situation to be able to convince OIC team as if “Bengalis are really sneaking into Arakan. They are trying to deceive OIC team as it has happened to many international delegation” he exclaimed.