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Breaking News: A Rohingya Killed and Two Critically Injured during Gunfire by Security Force in Sittwe

By M.S. Anwar

3:00 AM (MST) Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sittwe, Arakan State ׀

An outbreak of arbitrary shooting by Myanmar Security Force killed a Rohingya man and critically injured two more at Thandawli IDP Camps in Sittwe yesterday, whereas at least 15 innocent Rohingyas were also said to have arrested according to a local source.

Aftermaths of a licensed crime against a Rohingya by Myanmar's Security Force. (Pic Left, the Gruesome Scene where Shomsul Alam was killed.)
Aftermaths of a licensed crime against a Rohingya by Myanmar’s Security Force. (Pic right, the Gruesome Scene where Shomsul Alam was killed.)

The situation is still tense and many people are said to have hiding and running to and fro in order to escape the arrests.

“Three vans loaded with approximately 100 *Security Force arrived at the camps of the internally displaced Rohingyas of *Thandawli village at Mansi Junction (nearby *Raba Gwin) in *Sittwe Township around 10:00PM yesterday (August 6). They started raiding the IDP camps, harassing and torturing people sleeping at night time for no reason. Having arbitrarily accused some people at the camps of thefts in the downtown of Sittwe, they demanded them be handed over.

Since no one has committed any theft, the Rohingya people at the camp could not simply fulfill the arbitrary demand by the security force. Then, they started beating more people and arresting them afterwards. Therefore, many people gathered at the camps to see what was happening. Seeing the crowd, the security force inconsiderably and irresponsibly started shooting at the crowd.

At least 15 people including two women were arrested for nothing and taken away by their vans. Many people got injured including small children. Of them, two are critical. They are:

1)    Bullya (brother of) Abulu (son  of) U Abdu Kadir hail from Thandawli

2)    Abdul Malik (son of) U Sayed hail from Thandawli

One person was killed. He is ‘Shomsul Alam (son of) Makbul Ali (of age 29) hail from Thandawli.

The Security Force has taken away not only the dead body of the killed man but also the two critically injured people with them. We feel that the Security Force will kill these people on the way as well in order to destroy the evidences” said an anxious displaced Rohingya in the camp.

“They are unnecessarily picking up fights with the helpless Rohingyas and trying to instigate violence. We don’t feel that this government even has intention to end the violence against us let alone practically ending it. They will stop the violence only when the international government bodies take stern actions against them” added the worried man.

About some usages in the report:

*Security Force= Hltun Htein in Burmese Language

*Thandawli= Saantoli in Rohingya Language

*Raba Gwin= Refot Baariza in Rohingya Language

*Sittwe= Akyab in Rohingya Language

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