Shuaib July 6, 2017

By RVision TV Correspondent

6th July, 2017

Buthidaung – Unexpectedly, Myanmar brutal troops, on Wednesday, raided a village in Taung Bazar, Buthiduang, Arakan State and burnt down 2 houses owned by the innocent Rohingyas, reports our correspondent.

A group of military soldiers suddenly conducted an attack at Ward-01, Maung Hnama village of Ngarang Chaung village track, in Taung Bazar at around 10 am on 5, July.

During the raid, military arbitrarily caught the locals they found and beat them inhumanely. However, they didn’t detain anyone but torched two houses of the poor and innocent Rohingyas in the aim of making the Rohingyas homeless so that they can level as illegal immigrants and then, are able to kill the men of the families accusing them insurgents, said a tortured local on the condition of anonymity.

The owners of the houses are identified as Zakariya, son of Baaser and Anwar, son of Abdu Rashid.

Seeing the brutal military movement in the village, the Locals said, “Perhaps, the troops will attack us again on the accusation of having link with Rohingya insurgent group. They must seek a way to arrest men in order to imprison them unjustly. As we have become a burden in the eye of the government because of our race, culture and religion, they want to finish us completely by hook or by crook.”  

Myanmar security forces have been raiding and plundering the Rohingya villages on daily basis across Maungdaw district since October 9, 2016, the day when three Border Guard Police camps were attacked resulting 9 police deaths.

Please Watch:  The two Rohingya Houses burnt down at Ward-01, Maung Hnama village of Ngarang Chaung village track, in Taung Bazar

 Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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