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By RVision TV Correspondent | April 18, 2017

Maungdaw – The Myanmar military have continued to raid different Rohingya villages across Maungdaw Township after they resumed a new round of raids last week.

The Myanmar military began different Rohingya hamlets under the village of ‘Long Doong’ in northern Maungdaw on April 16 [Read the earlier Report: HERE]. The continuous raids by the military and the Border Guard Police (BGP) for 3 days till today creating fears among the people in the region of arbitrary arrests and summary killings and already resulting in fleeing of the people in the region to neighboring Bangladesh.

In southern Maungdaw, the military shot on Mv Halim, a Rohingya cleric, at the village of ‘Thawan Chaung’ locally known as ‘Bossara’ this morning. The victim fortunately escaped from being hit by bullets and managed to flee. Since then, hundreds of the Myanmar troops have besieged the village and been conducting raids. The situation is chaotic; the villagers are scared and have been reported to have been fleeing to hideouts in fear of the atrocities.

Last night, some unidentified assailants fired multiple gun-shots at a Rohingya man ‘Baggona’ village in southern Maungdaw at around 09:00 PM (on Apr 17).

Severely injured, the man died soon after at around 10:00 PM. The victim is identified as ‘U Ameer Ali’ from ‘Foira’ hamlet of the Baggona village. According to a villager who said quoting eyewitness “the assailants were communicating in Burmese language while fleeing after shooting the Rohingya man.”

Update: At ‘Thawan Chaung’ village in southern Maungdaw, the military raid on the village has actually stemmed from a clash between the villagers and the notorious Robber-Gang led by Abdul Hakim. The military left the village from the siege and no atrocities were reported have been committed.

[You can read about the Robber Leader Abdul Hakim and his Gang: HERE, HERE and HERE]

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[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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