msa November 25, 2016

By Rohingya Mirror | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – The Burmese troops have started committing horrible atrocities and rapes against the Rohingya civilians once again in northern Maungdaw since Thursday (November 24) evening, reliable sources say.

Nearly 500 Burmese troops besieged two Rohingya hamlets – Sinthaepyin hamlet of Long Doun village tract and the Panmyaung (Kapphus Sor) hamlet of Ngasarkyu (Nashaa Furu) village tract – in northern Maungdaw at 2:00 am today. They have opened fire on the civilians and started raiding their homes.

Many villagers have been wounded by the army’s bullets, while villagers including women and children are also reported dead. One of the injured villager have been identified as Nurul Amin (son of) Shukkor Ahmed from Sinthaepyin east hamlet.

Some troops are breaking into the Rohingya households and SLAUGHTERING the innocent people at the hamlets.

Some Natala Rakhine (Magh) Buddhists from Zaydi Pyin hamlet are carrying the dead bodies of the slaughtered villagers and preparing to bury them at the plain to the east of Sinthaepyin hamlet.

Dozens of women are reported to have been raped by the Burmese military since this early morning.

(Right now at this point of time) the military has been going on firing and arresting innocent villagers at Sinthaepyin and at Panmyaung.

At 8:00 pm on Thursday, the troops RAPED two Rohingya girls at ‘Kyun Gaung (Singiri Fara)’ hamlet of Long Doun village tract as the hamlet was besieged by 100 troop members starting from 5:00 pm of the day.

Elsewhere, in the early morning at around 2:00 am, the Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) set fire on the residence of Abdur Rahim at south hamlet of Nurullah village in southern Maungdaw. When the villagers attempted to extinguish the fire, the BGP scared them away firing 6 times in the air.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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