Shuaib July 28, 2016

Boshir Ahmed Becomes Victim of BGP’s Money Extortion

One of the Arakanese Rohingyas has been a victim of Border Guard Police (BGP) in money extortion of 400 thousands Kyats ($ 350) in Nyong Chaung, Buthidaung on 24 July, according to a villager.

Boshir Ahmed, aged 41, son of Shikandor, who lives in Du U Thi Ma, quarreled verbally with one of his villagers named Shorif, son of Mough Gull Ahmed on personal affair on 20 July. The village head Mohammad Yunus took that simple personal matter to make a storm in a tea cup informing it to the local BGP so that they could extort money jointly.

Then the victim was summoned to the camp and arrested on Saturday, 23 July. Two neighbours went to request camp officer to release him on pledge but the officer refused it. On Sunday, 24 July, the camp officer demanded 400 thousands Kyats for his release. So, the poor victim’s family somehow managed the amount by taking loan and selling things to give it to the officer for release. To earn 400 thousands, a   day labourer has to work more than four months.

Such kind of money extortion by BGP from the innocent poor Arakanese Rohingya people has become a common matter which makes their lives standstill for survival.


Edited By: M. Shuaib

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