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Border Guard Police Torture Rohingyas on Guard for Ransom

By Rohingya Eye ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

The Border Guard Police (BGP) tortured at least four innocent Rohingyas on guard in southern Maungdaw on last Saturday early morning in order to extort money from them, according to the reports by the locals.

It happened when a team of seven Border Guard Police (BGP) led by a lieutenant, deputy commander of BGP Commandment Area (Nay Myay) 5 was out for patrol at night.

“Seven BGP headed by a deputy commander arrived at Madina hamlet of Alay Than Kyaw village tract around 1AM on November 8.

There were some Rohingya people on guard at night as usual. The BGP forces started beating and torturing the innocent people just because they were not guarding remaining at a single place. The lieutenant started kicking with his boots and punching four people on guard.

Then, the officer extorted Kyat 20,000 from each of them and stopped beating. It was said that the BGP collaborator, Eeliyas (son of) Isa, age 28, was also with the BGP.

The victims are:

  • Sam Meah (son of) Nagu Meah, age 28
  • Khalu (son of) Siddique, age 35
  • Nazir Ahmed (son of) Fazal Ahmed, age 27
  • Kifayatullah (son of) Shuna Ali, age 25” said a villager requesting to withhold identity.

“It is a must for every Rohingya to serve as night guard for his village at least twice a month. The BGP is responsible for guarding and providing security to the regions. They take salaries from the government for that. But they don’t do their duties. They force us to take care of our villages.

Yet, when we serve as the guards for our villages, the BGP raid the villages, torture the people and arrest the people for the ransom like this. They torture our people when they fail to shout or use torch lights at night.

Beside, when we seek their assistances in case of robberies or attacks by Rakhine terrorists, the BGP hardly help us” he continued.

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