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Border Guard Police Threaten Rohingya People for Ransom Money

By MYARF ׀ Thursday, July 10, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State: Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) threaten local Rohingya people and shopkeepers to close down their shops if they fail to pay ransom money to the police, say locals of Kyeing Chaung village in northern Maungdaw.

Entrance to Kyein Chaung village in northern Maungdaw originally known as Bawli Bazaar (Photo: MYARF/Rohingya Vision)
Entrance to Kyein Chaung village in northern Maungdaw originally known as Bawli Bazaar (Photo: MYARF/Rohingya Vision)

The BGP Force members that pose threats against Rohingyas are said to be U Khin Hlaing, U Zaw Zawand U Aung Thar Tun of Rakhine extremist background.

“When the Police in Kyeing Chaung Police station was being replaced with/as Border Guard Police, the three police officers attempted to stay back at the station as Border Guard Police. However, their attempts failed then.

Now, each of them is said to have bribed ‘the Chief Commander of BGP Colonel Tin Ko Ko’ Kyat 2 Million for his stay at the station as BGP Force. Hence, they were re-posted to the Kyein Chaung one week ago. And they are now trying to recover this money by extorting from local Rohingya shopkeepers” said Hamid (the real name withheld for security reason), a local of Kyeing Chaung village also known as Bawli Baazar.

As soon as the police arrived back in Kyein Chaung, they were said to have started threatening the villagers and the shopkeepers.

“Look. We are specially appointed by the Chief Commander Colonel Tin Ko Ko because we are locals and familiar with the border areas. Hence, we need not care anyone no one can take our accounts. We will behave as we want” said U Maung Mya (not the real name) referring to the police officers’ threats.

On June 6, the police personnel went to Kyeing Chaung market and threatened the shopkeepers “you can’t sell the goods imported from Bangladesh. If you want to, you have to pay us Kyat 45,000 for a shop and Kyat 30,000 for a stall monthly. Else, your shops will be ceased,” according to U Maung Mya.

When the three police officers were charged in the Police Station, they used to torture and plunder the shopkeepers and the customers at the Kyein Market. They have many times harassed and plunder Rohingya passers-by in the past waiting at the bridge on Taungpyo-Kyeing Chaung Expressway. Besides, they have a criminal record of gang-raping a Rohingya woman while passing through the said bridge.

Now, as they have been charged at the police station, no wonder they started to harass and torture local Rohingyas for ransom money in the name of BGP Commander In Chief Colonel Tin KO Ko, in accordance with the locals of the northern Maungdaw.

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