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Border Guard Police Shoot and Kill Rohingya Man

By RVision Correspondent

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) shot and killed a Rohingya man in Maungdaw Township yesterday after being high on alcohol.

The deceased is identified to be Kyaw Zeya Oo hails from ‘Alay Than Kyaw (Haishshu Rata)’ village in southern Maungdaw. The BGP personnel responsible for the killing are serving under the camp based at the premise of the government school in the village.

“A few patrolling BGP personnel led by a deputy lieutenant got drunk and encountered with Kyaw Zeya Oo in front of his home around 8:00PM last night. The BGP officer demanded him to give them a place at his home to drink alcohol some more.

Upon that, he (Kyaw Zeya Oo) replied that it would not be good for him to give them a place for drinking as there is a patient at his home. He also advised them that it would not be good for them either if they drank more since they (the BGP personnel) had already been high on alcohol.

It led to an argument between him and the BGP officer (the deputy lieutenant). Amidst the quarrelling, the BGP officer opened fires at him. Three bullets hit him causing him fatal injuries. Subsequently after that, the BGP officer left the place screaming ‘there won’t be any problems for me if I kill all the *Kulars in this village.  

Soon after, some villagers saw the victim (Kyaw Zeya Oo) ailing at the place with the fatal injuries. Therefore, the villagers picked him up and rushed to the Maungdaw Hospital with him,” said an eyewitness who saw the victim in ailing condition.

It has been learnt that the doctors in the Maungdaw Hospital said that the injuries caused by the bullets were fatal and his situation was critical. Hence, the doctors asked the people that admitted him to the hospital to discharge him and take him back home.

However, he passed away 10 minutes after that. His dead body was discharged after the postmortem, according to the reports.

The deceased person, Kyaw Zeya Oo also known as Asadullah Kadir Hussein, was a collaborator and right-hand man of Maung Than Naing, the administrator of Alay Than Kyaw village. Maung Than Naing, a Rakhine extremist, is also notorious for his complicity in human trafficking in the region.

Note: It is still uncertain why exactly Kyaw Zeya Oo was shot dead. It will be updated soon.
Latest reports say that the person shot at didn’t die but still in critical condition with the injuries. As of now, it’s difficult to take exact information as the Security has been tightened in the region.

*Kular= a derogatory word used against the people of Indian descends, now notoriously used against the Muslims population after 2012

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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