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Border Guard Police Shackle Seven Innocent Rohingya Women

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State ( — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police shackled seven Rohingya women for a day long in northern Maungdaw last Saturday for one of the Chickens in a BGP-owned Chicken farm gone missing, according to the reliable source.

It happened in Thit-Tor-Na’-Kwet-Sun village in northern Maungdaw. The BGP from the post by the village’s bridge put them in the wooden stocks for 9 hours accusing that they had stolen the chicken.

“The BGP at the village-bridge-post has a small chicken farm. They said one chicken was missing on November 27. That’s why they arrested seven innocent women from nearby homes. They put them in the stocks and humiliated them for all the day long. From 8:00AM to 9:00PM!

The victims of the inhuman acts by the BGP are:

  • Asiya Khatun (daughter of) Ali Hussein, 55
  • Sabinkun Nahar (daughter of) Makhtul Hussein, 45
  • Mariyam Khatun (daughter of) Sayedur Rahman, 21
  • Arifah Khatun (daughter of) Sultan, 30
  • Mustafa Khatun (daughter of) Abul Hussein, 48
  • Mariyam (daughter of) Mahmudur Rahman, 23
  • Gul Bahar (daughter of) Shor Mulluk, 66

According to the victimized women, they have never even seen the chicken. The police released them having extorted a chicken worth Kyat 8,000 from each” said an elderly person, asking not to reveal the identity.

“But they were humiliated. The villagers are very angry because of the barbaric act by the BGP.

The villagers do not do anything lest the government should exaggerate the situation and create another round of violence like in the Duchiradan village early this year” he exclaimed.

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