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Border Guard Police Send Rohingya Religious Scholar to Prison

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) arbitrarily arrested a Rohingya Religious Scholar in Maungdaw Township last week and sent him to Buthidaung Prison under the lame charges, according to a reliable source.

The victim is identified to be Mv Ali Johar hails from ‘Sabbay Gone (Foira Bazaar)’ village in northern Maungdaw. He was arrested by the BGP from the camp at ‘Nga Kura (Nagpura)’ village under the Commandment Area (နယ္ေျမ) 5 arrested him on pretext of being a human trafficker.

“Around 50 BGP personnel sieged the residence of Mv Ali Johar and arrested him around 10:00 AM on June 10, last Friday. The BGP handcuffed him and tortured him inhumanely. Then, he was taken to the Camp at Nga kura village and detained there for one night.

The next day, he was sent to Buthidaung prison without going through any legal trial” said a villager asking not to be named.  

They alleged him of being a human trafficker without any proof. And torturing people arbitrarily and sending them to prison without a trial are against the law. This is discrimination. These are oppressions.

Earlier, several people died because of the tortures by the BGP

The Border Guard Police (BGP) later on Friday raided the residence of U Abu Jamil, ex-chairman of the village. But the BGP was unable to arrest him because he was not home at the time.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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