Border Guard Police Rob Rohingya Woman

Anwar M.S.
By Anwar M.S. November 24, 2015 06:06

Border Guard Police Rob Rohingya Woman

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State (RohingyaVision) — The Burmese Border Guard Police robbed a Rohingya woman while going through the check-post in Maungdaw Township on Sunday, according to eyewitnesses.

The victim is identified to be 39-year-old Kaneez Fatema Jamal Hussein hails from ‘Yedwin Chaung’ village in northern Maungdaw. She was on the way to ‘Myo Oo’ village when she got robbed.

“The victim was said to be visiting Myo Oo (Naitor Dael) village to see her sick relatives. The BGP at the check-post nearby ‘Shwe Zarr (Shujah)’ bridge stopped their bus for a (routine) check-up like they usually do to Rohingya passers-by. As she got off from bus, she took off her Gold-Chain weighed 16-gram off her neck and put inside her purse.

However, a BGP staff put his hand inside her purse on pretext of checking out what’s inside. After that, the BGP staff asked her to leave. As she found her gold-chain missing from before she left, she went back to the BGP camp and asked them to give her chain back.

The BGP declined and said that they didn’t find any such thing in her purse. So, she started crying for the chain as she had only that to call her valuable belonging. The BGP scolded her and threatened to beat her
So, she had to leave the place in desparity, ” said an eyewitness on the condition of anonymity.

The BGP at the ‘Shwe Zar’ Bridge-Post frequently rob valuable belongings from Rohingya passers-by, steal their money like pick-pockets, beat the (Rohingya) innocent people and often bodily harrass the women. However, the higher authorities fail to take actions against the Barbaric BGP police despite knowing everything.

“The higher authorities know that. But they don’t do anything to stop this. So, it can be interpreted as ‘the higher authorities are also complicit in the crimes,” remarked an elderly Rohingya in Maungdaw.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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Anwar M.S.
By Anwar M.S. November 24, 2015 06:06

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