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Border Guard Police Brutally Torture Two Innocent Rohingyas for Ransom

By Najmul Hussein

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police arbitrarily arrested and tortured two innocent Rohingyas in southern Maungdaw Township on Monday for ransom, a reliable source said.

The atrocities were committed by the Border Guard Police (BGP) based at Baggona village in southern Maungdaw that operate under the commandment of Major Nyein Chan Aung.

“Two Rohingyas were passing by the BGP base at Baggona village on Monday evening. They hail from Maung Ni hamlet of Myoma Kayin Tan (also known as Shidda Fara) village tract. The BGP stopped and detained them. They are:

  • Hefzu Rahman (son of) Lalu, 24,
  • Noor Mohammed (son of) Laalu, 30

(Lalu and Laalu is not the same person. The latter Laalu is an ex-driver of the ambulance of the Maungdaw General Hospital)

The BGP tortured them for ransom. They were able to extort Kyat 50,000 from the former person and released him afterwards.

However, since the BGP was not able to any money from the latter, they kept torturing him the whole night. The next morning, the BGP commander in the region, Major Nyein Chan Aung, arrived at Baggona. He started brutally torturing Noor Mohammed by different means.

At the end, they released him extorting huge amount of money, Kyat 1 Million, from him” said an eyewitness asking not to be identified.

Major Nyeing Chan Aung has been posted with a special authority by the state chief minister, Maj-Gen Maung Maung Ohn. He has taken base at the camp by the bridge of Gawduthara village. He directly takes command from the chief minister and needs not follow instructions by other high officers in the region, according to the sources.

Since his appointment, the atrocities against the Rohingyas have alarmingly increased.

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