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Border Guard Police Arrests Rohingyas to Squeeze Money

By MYARF ׀ Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State ׀

Myanmar Border Guard Police in northern Maungdaw arbitrarily arrest and torture Rohingya people for ransom, says a local of Maungdaw.

Entrance to Kyein Chaung village in northern Maungdaw originally known as Bawli Bazaar (Photo: MYARF/Rohingya Vision)
Entrance to Kyein Chaung village in northern Maungdaw originally known as Bawli Bazaar (Photo: MYARF/Rohingya Vision)

Myanmar Border Guard Police replaced the Nasaka, the former Border Security Force notorious from untold crimes against Rohingyas, last year. However, it has been proving to be more brutal than Nasaka used to be. Nowadays, BGP based at Kyein Chaung village also known as Bawli Bazaar in northern Maungdaw are said to have arresting and torturing Rohingyas in the region on rampant accusations in order to extort money from them.

“Mv ‌Abudu Shukkor (son of) Omar Ali hails from Mrau Chaung also called Maury Khaum in northern Maungdaw runs a shop in the village bazaar. Five police personnel including a second lieutenant from Kyeing Chaung Border Guard Police Station arrived at the bazaar around 5PM on June 17. They arrested the Rohingya shopkeeper while he was running the shop arbitrarily accusing him of possessing illegal Bangladeshi Mobile Phone and took him to the police station.

Later, at night, the police released him having extorted Kyat 535,000” said a local of the village.

Some other police members from the said station arbitrarily seized a motorcycle belong to a Rohingya on the same day.

“In the afternoon of the same day, some police officers such as U Khin Hlaing, U Zaw Zaw and U Aung Thar Tun from the same station stopped a Rohingya religious scholar while he was going through their check-post by motorcycle. They thoroughly checked him up. Nothing illegal was found in him. Therefore, he was released.

While the man was going away from the police station, the police officers again called him. The man drove away in fear. Thus, the police phoned a yet-to-be-crossed police check-post in front on the highway. The police tried to stop the man from the check-post. Therefore, the scholar was said to have fled leaving his behind to escape the arbitrary arrest.

The Police confiscated his bike. The bike is said to be worth Kyat 1.7 Million” said an eye-witness.

The said three police officers are of Rakhine extremist background and have the records of harassing and plundering Rohingya passers-by in the past waiting at the bridge on Taungpyo-Kyeing Chaung Expressway. Besides, they have once gang-raped a Rohingya woman while passing through the bridge.

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