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Border Guard Police Arrests Numbers of Innocent Rohingya Youths

By MYARF ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) arbitrarily arrested eleven innocent Rohingya youths in northern Maungdaw on Tuesday night says the reliable source in the region.

Of the arrestees, six were teenage religious students and other five were local youths hail from Maung Nama village in northern Maungdaw.

The Myanmar Border Guard Police Raiding a Rohingya Home in Northern Maungdaw Recently (Photo: MFQ/Rohingya Vision)
The Myanmar Border Guard Police Raiding a Rohingya Home in Northern Maungdaw Recently (Photo: MFQ/Rohingya Vision)

“On October 7, 2014 night, a group of Border Guard Police (known as Nay Char Saung Htet Phwe in Burmese) from their headquarter located at Kyikan Pyin (also called Khawar Bill) village raided the Islamic Religious Institution of Jamiah Tawhidiyyah at the village of Maung Nama (also known as Mong Dama).

There were six teenage students on duty to guard the school at night. The Police asked them no questions. And for no reasons, all of the innocent students were held and arrested. They are:

1)      Mohammed Ayub (son of) Kalameya, Age 16

2)     Mohammed Jaabir (son of) Bailla, Age 13

3)      Mohammed Jaabir (son of) Abdul Amin, Age 12

4)     Mohammed Amin (son of) Mohammed Siddique, Age 12

5)     Khairul Amin (son of) Khair Hussain, Age 10

6)     Mohammed Salim (son of) Afzal Hussain, Age 22” said a local Rohingya in northern Maungdaw.

“At the same night, the police arbitrarily arrested five Rohingya youths in the village while they were sleeping in their respective homes.  They are:

1)       Mohammed Eliyas (son of) Md Sayed, Age 22

2)     Mohammed Husan (son of) Lader Bakhshu, Age 25

3)       Mohammed Zakir (son of) Mushtaq Ahmed, Age 23

4)     Mohammed Tahir (son of) Mushtaq Ahmed,  Age 18

5)     Noor Mohammed (son of) Abdussamad, Age 18

The youths arrested seemingly because they have returned home from Malaysia recently. Currently, all of them are said to have been detained in the head-quarter of the Border Guard Police” he continued.

Any Rohingya that once leaves his home has to leave it forever. He/she can never return to his home in Arakan from abroad. This ethnic cleansing act by Myanmar’s Regime specifically targeting Rohingya ethnic minority in Myanmar (Burma) has been in effect since early 1990s. Since then, by this means, thousands of Rohingyas have been forced out of Myanmar.

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