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Border Guard Police Arrest Innocent Rohingyas on Different Pretexts

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police arbitrarily arrested two innocent Rohingyas under different accusations in northern Maungdaw last Thursday, local people said.

The victims are identified to be Ismail, 33 and Nurul Hoque, 28, from Pwin Pyu Chaung village and Ywet Nyo Taung village respectively.

“Ismail (son of) Auli Ahmed, 33, is a Rohingya hails from Pwin Pyu Chaung village, northern Maungdaw Township. Border Guard Police (BGP) from Kyar Gaung Taung camp raided his home around 10:00PM on December 11.

Then, the police confiscated his MPT Mobile Phone supplied by Myanmar’s Telecommunication Department. After that, the BGP accused the Rohingya man of possession of illegal Bangala phones replacing the Myanmar Sim Card with a Bangla Sim by themselves. Subsequently, the BGP arrested and detained him in their camp in Ywet Nyo Taung village.

Similarly, on the same day, Nurul Hoque (son of) Shomshu, 28, was also arrested under the accusation of getting married to a woman without their *permission.

They were tortured in the camp. The next day, the BGP released them having extorted Kyat 150,000 from each of them” said a local Rohingya asking not to be named.

“Taking advantage of the ban on the usage of Bangla phones by the government, the BGP personnel are committing atrocities against Rohingyas. The Rohingyas who mostly use legal MPT telephone are also worried of the fact that they will be victimized by the police on the pretext of the possession of illegal Bangala phones.

In fact, the major chunk of the users of the illegal Bangala phones in Myanmar the police themselves and Rakhines in the region” he continued.

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