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BGPs Illegally Uprooting Rohingya homes to Build camps

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 8th November, 2017

Buthidaung: Border Guard Police (BGP) illegally uprooting houses and clearing Rohingyas land to build their camps and burnt 5 Rohingya houses in different villages of Buthidaung Township, reports locals from different areas.

Yesterday (8th November, 2017) BGP arrived and the village of Monufara and started to clear up Rohingyas land illegally to build their own camps. They started to clear the burnt houses, where owners were shot dead early in late September, 2017.

After the mass burt down of the Monufara village only 20-30 Rohingya houses still remains in the village ,whom are in extreme terrified condition and are in limbo or staying in the village with life threat or to leave their land.

On the same day in every quarter of Buthidaung Township, government appointed 2 officials in every quarter and set them free to loot and conduct any inhumane activity on the pedestrians. They built their camps in quarter one by evacuating Rohingyas land illegally.

“They were very poor before, as we know the salary of Burmese officials, But now after appointing them in our region they own expensive vehicles and luxuries lifestyle by looting and harassing the Rohingyas in the region” says a victim on the condition of anonymity.

Today (8th November, 2917) at 2:30 AM Rakhine extremists torched 5 Rohingya houses in the village of Mingisi (Mi Gaung Sey), where fire was immediately extinguished by the locals from destroying further houses.

Torching Rohingya house, extorting money along with clearing and snatching Rohingyas land are increasing the fear of the remaining Rohingyas, whom are lingering with off forms of life threats and lack of humanitarian aids.

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