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BGP’s Mass Money Extortion Engulfed Rohingya in Buthidaung

By Maung Saw Lwin | 13th April 2018

Buthidaung: Border Guard Police (BGP) along with village administrator extorted a huge sum of money from a Rohingya in village of Buthidaung Township on 12th April, 2018.

Border Guard Police (BGP) from battalion no. 552 arrived in ward 12 of Kyi Nu Thi village and extorted 350, 000 kyats from a Rohingya.

The victim was identified to be Noor Kamal S/O Zawlah Ahmed hailing from Kyi Nu Thi village of Nga Yant Chaung village track in northern Buthidaung.

In this illegal money extortion case vice village administrator was also involved with the BGP, whom are well known for mass money extortion in northern Buthidaung.

Earlier on 7th April 2018 Border Guard Police (BGP) from Maung Nu BGP camp arrived at the Mingisi (Mee Kyaung Zay) village tract and extorted 50000 Kyats from a Rohingya.

Mass money extortion is among the simple and rooted genocidal tool, which Burmese junta have been using successfully up to date. Such extortions and restrictions on livelihood have left remaining Rohingya in extreme lingering situation and added further fear for the existing Rohingya in their own ancestral land.


Recent Mass Money Extortion in Buthidaung Township:

Rohingya Once again under Money Extortion of BGP

Rohingya Crises:

Burmese government’s genocidal operation and pre-planned attack since October, 2016 on Rohingya have pushed more than 1 million Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh in makeshift camp of Cox’s Bazar. Now horrors of their past memory in their land and lingering condition in those over crowded camps have left Rohingya in limbo and are hopelessly living in ghettos.


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A man crosses a bamboo bridge over rice paddies in the Chakmakul camp for Rohingya refugees in southern Bangladesh, February 13, 2018. Image: REUTERS



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