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BGP Medical In-Charge Extorts Money from Rohingya Pharmacists


Maungdaw, Arakan ׀ Sunday, June 29, 2014

Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) now extorts money from Rohingya pharmacists in northern Maungdaw making it to an existing long list of atrocities by authority against Rohingya community, says a local source in Maungdaw.

M yanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw
Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw

Different departments of government in Arakan state consider money extortion from innocent Rohingya people like a legal licensed business.

Latest incidents of money extortion have been taking place in northern Maungdaw. Medical In-Charge of *BGP Camp of Region 12 forcibly collects money from Rohingya pharmacists in the villages under the region.

“BGP camp of Region 12 is located in Ywe-Nyo-Taung village, northern Maungdaw. Medical In-Charge of the camp is forcibly collecting Kyat 5,000 monthly from every Rohingya pharmaceutical shop in the villages under the rule of the camp.

There are 32 pharmacies in Ywe-Nyo-Taung and surrounding villages. All are licensed and registered under ‘Health Department’ Maungdaw. Yet, he extorts money misusing BGP Power.

Last Wednesday, he went to Mrau-Taung village and extorted Kyat 5,000 each from six pharmacists saying that he was charging in advance for July” said a local Rohingya on the condition of anonymity.

Not only that, he also seizes goods and trading materials of Rohingya people.

“On June 22, some Rohingya villagers from Pa-wet-chaung village came to Mrau-Taung to sell 1,000 pieces of construction woods. He seized five-sixth of the woods. He threatened the Rohingya wood sellers that if they didn’t give the woods to him, he would get them arrested and imprisoned” the above-mentioned Rohingya added.

Money extortion in Rohingya majority areas became worse after the violence against Rohingya started in June 2012 although it had been going on for decades.

*BGP Camp of Region 12= It was Regional Camp 12 of Nasaka. Nasaka was a former Border Security Force formed post 1990 especially to oppress and persecute Rohingyas. It was disbanded in July 2013 and replaced with Border Guard Police (BGP).

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