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BGP Kills Two Village Elders after Calling Them for Meeting

By Rohingya Mirror
RVision TV

Maungdaw — The Burmese Border Guard (BGP) Police commander killed two of the eleven village elders he had summoned on pretext of a meeting in ‘NgaKura’ village on Tuesday (October 18), according to a reliable source.

Around 9 AM on October 18, the BGP commander phoned 11 village elders he knew in ‘NgaKura (NagPura)’ and called them to his camp for a meeting and to cooperate with him to find out the assailants that conducted raids on BGP camps on October 9. They are:

1) Yusuf Ali (son of) Mohammed Rafique, 65
2) Anwar (son of) Yushaa, 42
3) Sadek Ahmed (son of), 41
4) Jinnah (son of) Noor Alam, 40
5) Shah Alam (son of) Mohammed Ali
6) Anwar (son of) Islam
7) Anwar (son of) Hussein Ahmed
8) Anwar (son of) Fayaz Ahmed
9) Abdu Jabbar (son of) Ahmed Ali
10) Khin Maung Tun @ Sirajuddin (son of) Dil Daar Ahmed
11) Mustakh Ahmed (son of) Zakir Ahmed

It has been learnt that according to BBC Burmese news, of the 11 people, two passed away later suffering from Asthma and High Blood Pressure respectively.

Home Minister U Kyaw Swe said during a media conference on October 17 that they didn’t (don’t) torture anyone they arrested (arrest). If ICRC wants to come for investigation into that, it can do so. However, many people arrested by the BGP are feared to have already been killed.

U Karimullah, 58, an ex-staff of UNHCR Maungdaw for Social Development, from ‘Ridaa’ hamlet of ‘Aung Sit Pyin (Dombai) village tract was arrested on October 14. And ge was severely tortured and killed in October 17.

A local in ‘NgaKura’ said “the District Township Administrator and some other influential figures have urged the locals to cooperate with the law-abiding officials in their search for the assailants. That’s why, as soon as the BGP Commander summoned them for cooperation, they went to cooperate with them. But in return, the BGP labelled these innocent civilians as terrorists and killed them just because they need to justify their acts to the world that there are terrorists here (as they have lied to the world).

“No arrestee can ask them any question. If anybody dares ask a question to them, they kill him/her. They justify their extrajudicial killing by simply claiming that he’s a terrorist. This is a gross injustice and crime against humanity. It proves that there is no law here and no law-abiding officials here.”

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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