Shuaib August 17, 2016

Maungdaw- Border Guard Police (BGP) intensifies persecution on the Rhingyas by arresting innocent people, threatening and beating them black and blue to extort money on rootless issues in southern Maungdaw, Arakan, one of the persecuted locals reported.

Policemen including their heads from the Magyi Chaung and Godu Thaya Camps often go to the nearer villages namely Godu Thaya, Nurulla, Baguna, Pentau Pyin, etc. and enters into the houses forcibly in the guise of questing for re-entering people from Bangladesh. But they arrest the innocent Rohingyas instead to extort a huge amount of money.

At around 12 pm on 13, August, some guiltless poor Rohingyas named Shomshutabaris, aged 25, son of Ibrahim and Nurul Amin, adged 25, son of Tanda Miya form south and west of Baguna respectively, and another two from north of Nurulla and Pentau Pyin were arrested and taken to the lock-up of Magyi Chaung BGP camp.

Some security policemen of Na-Ta-La village (a village of notorious Moughs settled by military government on confiscated lands from Roingyas) came to the eastern field of Nurulla village and arrested two Rohingys who were watching their paddy fields to protect from destroying them by elephants. The arrested Rohingyas were Mohammad Amin and Nur Alam, son of Mohammod Noor. They were taken to the camp and threatened them there by thrashing without any reason. At last, they were compelled to give 300 thousands Kyats ($ 280) to the police.

As the police are carrying on different kinds of persecution just like robbers and heartless gangsters, people cannot sleep at night in the houses and cannot watch their paddy fields to save them from destroying by wild animals. Although authorities in Arakan constantly kill, harass, extort money and destroy houses and religious schools of Rohingya people as before, NLD government hasn’t taken any action yet against them.

It should be clear to the people of the world that NLD government is strictly following the way of genocidal crime against the Rohingya ethnicity in different techniques as like as the tyrannical military Junta, said the locals.   

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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