RVISION September 14, 2016

Maungdaw – BGP illegally raided 3 houses and arbitrarily arrested 8 innocent Rohingys in Burashidda fara of northern Maungdaw on 12th September 2016.

In the incidence at 4 AM 31 Border Guard Polices (BGP) from Nappura camp illegally raided 3 homes and arrested 8 innocent Rohingyas on false cases.

Up till now identification of the 8 arrested victims are unknown whom are innocent poor villagers according to locals. Now their families are worried for them, whom are inhumanly tortured in the hand brutal BGPs.

Illegal Raiding and arresting innocent Rohingyas on clueless case are another common Genocidal tool imposed on the Arakanese Rohingya, whom were and are paying the cost of living in their own ancestral land by being “one of the most persecuted people on Earth”.

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Edited by: Arifa

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