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BGP Grievously Tortures Eleven Rohingya Following Arbitrary Arrest

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 9th August 2018

Buthidaung:  Eleven innocent Rohingya were arrested and grievously tortured by Border Guard Police (BGP) over false allegations yesterday (8th August 2018) in northern Buthidaung Township, report locals.

BGP arrived at around 11:00 pm in Kiyang Daung (Kyaung Taung) village tract of northern Buthidaung Township and arrested eleven innocent Rohingya hailing from the same village.

Earlier that day (7th July 2018), at 1:00 am an unknown armed group looted cow and oxen from the remaining Rohingya by shooting few bullets to terrorize them.

Following the incident, villagers called military and BGP forces to handle the situation. Surprisingly, the government forces could not fight them back and they had to return to their camps.

The next morning, BGP came to the village and simply arrested the eleven innocents by accusing them of being connected with ARSA (Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army).



Rakhine extremist (Moghs) looting Rohingya’s buffaloes. Image: RVision File photo


After their arrest, they inhumanly tortured and accused them of being involved in the robbery of their own cattle. Later, they were taken to BGP camp in Kiyang Daung village tract.

At approximately 3 to 4 pm they were transferred from Kiyang Daung to BGP camp in Taung Bazaar. After that, no information about the innocent arrestees has been received yet.

In the Kiyang Dong village track, most of the villages are Mogh (Rakhine) villages and the number. of Rohingya villagers are fewer there.


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Previously, many plotted incidents happened in a similar manner when government forces collaborate with equipped Moghs (Rakhines) in looting activities and act as if they are defending the villagers.

For decades, many Rakhines have been involved in looting Rohingya property or cattle activity. Even though they were exposed several times, no actions were taken by government officials until today.

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