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BGP Extorts Money from Innocent Rohingya after Arbitrary Arrest

By Rohingya vision TV Correspondents | 1st August 2018

Buthidaung: Border Guard Police (BGP) extorted money from four innocent Rohingya from different village tracts of Buthidaung Township by arresting and creating false cases from 28th-29th July 2018, reports locals from villages.

BGP from Pyaung Daw Pyin arrived in Dar Bin Sara village tract and arbitrarily arrested four innocent Rohingya to extort money on 28th July.

After their arrest, they were accused of having a connection with Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) and then forced each Rohingya to pay 1,200,000 Kyats for their release.


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Although their families did not have enough money, they arranged the money by borrowing to give to the authorities. According to locals they paid the sum to the BGPs, as denying BGP’s demands might cost their lives.

The next day (29th July) a similar incident was also reported from Mingisi (Mee kyaung Zay) village tract, where the same group of BGP extorted 200,000 Kyat from a Rohingya named Asadullah.

The victim was threatened in the same way by creating a fabricated case on him to pay the amount.


Border Guard Police (BGP) in raiding Rohingya villages in Arakan (Rakhine). Image: File photo


In a similar manner, he also paid the amount to the BGP and returned home.

“Without any evidence, linking anyone with ARSA became a valid excuse for money extortion by the Burmese forces,” expresses a Rohingya youth.

Money extortion is a rooted genocidal tool used on Rohingya since the beginning of military rule. For decades, it is used to destruct the economic backbone of Rohingya and to wipe off the remaining Rohingya from their land.

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