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BGP Extort Money from Rohingya under False Allegations

Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) has committing money extortions from Rohingya passers-by in northern Maungdaw Township under false allegations, according to reliable sources. 

The BGP personnel including the in-charge of BGP Camp in Kyein Chaung (Boli Bazaar) village; the BGP Corporal Khin Hlaing; and two other BGP personnel, Zaw Zaw and Aung Kyaw Min, are involved in committing the licensed crimes of beating Rohingya people in northern Maungdaw and extorting money from them.

Following are the recent cases of money extortions from the local Rohingyas by the BGP.

Case #1

On August 31, U Aung Kyaw Min and a few other BGP personnel stopped all Rohingya passers-by crossing the bridge on the Taung Pyo – Kyein Chaung Highway and searched their bodies and belongings. They, then, charged arbitrary allegations, threatened them and extorted money from them.

For example, Daw Khalidah Begum Mohammed Amin hails from middle hamlet of Kyein Chaung village tract was on his way back home from Zee Pin Chaung (Zeeyaung Khali) village on the day. Meanwhile, the policeman Aung Kyaw Min stopped her on the bridge and searched her bag. He found a medical prescription in her bag. And he accused her of illegal travelling to Bangladesh for medical treatment and extorted Kyat 50,000 from her.

Zaw Zaw BGP
The BGP Personnel Zaw Continuosly Committing Money Extortion in northern Maungdaw

Case #2

On September 7, the BGP Camp in-charge of ‘Kyein Chaung’ and the policeman Zaw Zaw accused Mr. Futiya @Aung Gyi Nurul Hoque of his ‘TB lorry’ slipping off the road on its way back from ‘Aung Sit Pyin’ village. And then, they arrested him and severey beat him in custody. They released him only after extorting Kyat 180,000 from him.

Case #3

On September 9, Mr. Eliyaz hails from Maung Nama (Mondama) village was riding his motorcycle and heading towards ‘Ywa Thit’ hamlet of Kyeing Chaung village from from the village’s market. Meanwhile, the BGP personnel Aung Kyaw Min arrested him arbitrarily accusing him of hitting a ‘Mro’ man (Mro people is considered to be a branch of Rakhine ethic groups by the Rakhines). The BGP released him later after extorting Kyat 50,000 from him.

The Border Guard Police (BGP) personnel share half of the money extorted from the local Rohingyas to the In-Charge of the BGP Camp in Kyein Chaung. There, the Camp In-Charge always his encourages the policemen working under him to extort money from the Rohingyas.

The BGP Camp In-Charge himself often goes to the Kyeing Chaung Markets. He demands money from the Rohingya shoppers. He beats and kicks the people that refuse to give money to him. And he demands ransom from the shopkeepers in the market. He vandalizes their shops if they refuse to fulfil his demands.

Every day, he makes rounds in Kyein Chaung village and asks the people he encounters to show their Green Cards (the application for citizenship verifications). Then, he scolds and abuses the people with racist words when they can’t show the Green Cards. He beats them comparing them with animals.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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