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BGP Commander Confiscates WFP’s Rice for Rohingya

By MFQ Aung

Maungdaw, Arakan state ׀ Monday, June 30, 2014

A Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) Commander in northern Maungdaw yesterday confiscated 290 50-kg-sacks of rice which World Food Program (WFP) was due to distribute to poor Rohingya people.


“WFP (World Food Program) has taken rent of a warehouse owned by *Noor Karim (son of) Auli Ahmed in *Oo-Sin-Gya village in northern Maungdaw for one and half year. The purpose behind this is to store rice to distribute to poor Rohingya people such as widows, orphans and primary school students.  On June 28, WFP stored 290 sacks of rice in the warehouse for the said purpose. And each sack of rice has 50 Kg of rice.

However, yesterday, *BGP Commander of Region 5 based in *Ngakura village, northern Maungdaw, ordered his subordinate BGP officer in Re-mya-taung village to confiscate all the sacks of rice. The subordinate officer went to the warehouse and said to the caretaker of the WFP warehouse, Hassan Murad (of age 33) hails from *Sabbaygoon village, that the rice was stored illegally. And the BGP officer threatened him to release the sacks of rice.

At 2PM of the day, they took away all the sacks of rice by vans to unknown locations” said a local Rohingya who refuses to be named.

“Besides, people also witnessedthe BGP Commander of Region 5 saying that all humanitarian assistances by any International NGO for Rohingya people must go through him” he added.

The BGP Commander of Region 5 has strings of past reputations of blocking aids to poor Rohingya people in the region.

About some usages in the report:

-*Noor Karim (son of) Auli Ahmed is ex-secretary of Village Peace and Development Council

– The original name of *Oo-Sin-Gya Village is Boora Shidda Fara, a Rohingya term

– *BGP Commander of Region 5= ‘Naymyay 5 Tetying Hmuu’ in Burmese

The original name of *Ngakura Village is Nagpura, a Rohingya term

– The original name of *Sabbaygoon is Khazir Bil, a Rohingya term

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