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BGP Brutalities against Rohingya People in northern Maungdaw

Sindhi Khan ׀ Wednesday, June 25, 2014

M yanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw
M yanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) in northern Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan state: Around 8:00AM on June 20, 2014, three Rohingyas, standing on a bridge, were gathering firewood drifting by flood at Thit-taw-na Kwasoon village in northern Maungdaw. Meanwhile, Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) from a camp based in the village arrived at the place and arrested all of them.

In the evening of the day, the police released them extorting a Chicken worth Kyat 7,000 from each.

“Three Rohingyas were gathering firewood drifting by flood. BGP arrived and said ‘what are you doing here at this time?’ And then, the BGP arbitrarily arrested them. The arrested Rohingyas are

1)      Mohammed Harron (son of ) Shomshu (of age 21)

2)      Sayed Hussein (son of) Zamir Hussein (of age 21)

3)      Shabbir Ahmed (son of) ? (of age 40)” said a local Rohingya of the village declining to be named.

Besides, two BGP Personnel from the same camp arbitrarily arrested Mohammed Yusuf (son of) Abdur Rahman (of age 28) hails from the Lemro hamlet of Thit-taw-na Kwasoon village around 8:00PM on June 8, 2014 while he was going to a friend’s wedding.

The police personnel stopped and asked him “where are you going at this time?” Then, the police harassed him. They robbed his money (i.e. Kyat 36,000). They dragged him to their camp and shackled his legs to wooden beds for two days. They tortured him inhumanely.

On June 10, 2014, U Noor Islam, village administrator, went to the Police camp to get him released. However, the police only released him only after extorting 4 Chickens each worth Kyat 5,000” said a relative of Mohammed Yusuf provided that his identity would be withheld.

“Mohammed Yusuf got severe injuries. He can hardly stand up and move around” he added.

The camp has seven police members and over them is a Police Deputy Lieutenant. All of them are of Rakhine ethnic background. Therefore, local Rohingya villagers feel that they are acting so cruel against them.

The village is also facing problems in communication with other Rohingyas since it is a remote rural area with hardly any telecommunication facilities. As a result, they are unable to report the atrocities by the BGP personnel to the concerned quarters in time.

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