Beaten up by Rakhine Extremists, Innocent Rohingya Man Critical

Anwar M.S.
By December 3, 2014 05:44

Beaten up by Rakhine Extremists, Innocent Rohingya Man Critical

By M. Saeed

Kyauktaw Township, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Rakhine extremists brutally beat up an innocent Rohingya man in Kyauktaw Township on Monday inflicting him with severe injuries, says a local.

The victim is identified to be Kamal Ahmed (son of) Faalong, 29, hails from Pi-Din (ပီတင္း) (also known as Feering) village, northern Kyauktaw Township.

“Pi-Din is a Rohingya village amidst Rakhine villages in northern Kyauktaw. Rohingyas in the village need to go to their works passing the Rakhine villages. They don’t have any other means.

Kamal Ahmed (son of) Faalong, 29, is a local of Pi-Din village and goes to work crossing a Rakhine village called ‘Shin Chan Kaa Di’ [sic] (ရွင္ၾကမ္း ကာဒီ).’ Everything was fine for him until Monday.

When he was on his way to work around 8:00AM on December 1, a group of Rakhine (Magh) hooligans in the village ganged up and brutally beat him up. Consequently, Kamal lost almost all his teeth. He got severe injuries and lost sense.

Thinking that he was dead, the extremists threw him outside their village. There, some Rohingyas found him ailing and brought him back to the (Rohingya) village” said a local Rohingya.

“The man has got his sense back but is still ailing and in critical condition. Nowhere can he get treatment as the government hospitals do not admit Rohingya patients.

We can’t get treatment, pursue education and pray freely; and our livelihoods and economies are crippled. That’s been our condition for more than 2 years” he continued.

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Anwar M.S.
By December 3, 2014 05:44

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