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Bangladeshi Authorities Destroyed Rohingya’s Shelter in Kutupalong

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 25th January 2018

Cox’sBazaar, Kutupalong: Bangladeshi officials have destroyed few Rohingya’s shelter in Kutupalong makeshift camps, where 1000’s of newly arrive Rohingya have taken refugee since late 2017.

In G block area of Kutupalong camp some Bangladeshi officials have evacuated few Rohingya’s shelter and destroyed them completely. Rohingya seeking refugee there were asked to leave that area earlier but they could not move as they had no choice.

“Although they asked us to leave this place but we could not as we found no other place to build our shelter and on the other hand if we find any place we have to buy the place from local Bangladeshi. We do not have any money to buy food so how can we buy the place and build shelter?” explains a Rohingya who lost his shelter.

These families are in need of immediate shelter in this winter season as they can go nowhere and have nothing to cover themselves under the open sky with their children. Following the situation they and other families in similar conditions are urging the international bodies to raise their hands towards them.

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