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Bangladesh Gov’t Legislate on Rohingya Refugee Children Identity

Meeting in Rohingya Birth Registration but the meeting doesn't ensure Rohingyas any right to Bangladesh's nationality. (Photo: Saiful Rohin/ Rohingya Vision)

Bangladesh Gov’t Legislate on Rohingya Refugee Children Identity
December 22
18:53 2014

By Saiful Rohin

Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh (Rohingya Vision) — A meeting on birth registration of refugee children born from the registered Rohingya refugee parents in Cox’s Bazar district was held at Hotel Long Beach on December 17, United Nation Refugee Agency reported.

Through interactive discussions, it was concluded that birth registration of all children born at two official registered refugee camps in Bangladesh since 1992 will be done under UNCR and government supervision and in line with the national legislation of Bangladesh.

Participants from all concerned quarters agreed that it’s a document of confirmation on place of birth, and NOT a document eligible for Bangladesh NATIONALITY.

The meeting was chaired by Mr A.K.M. Saiful Islam Chowdhury, the Honorable Project Director of Birth & Death Registration Project (Additional Secretary, LGD).The high level government officials from Cox’s Bazar district including Superintendent of Police, deputy Director of Local Government, UNO, Chairman and secretary from concerned areas  were also present in the meeting.

Mr. Chowdhury said that it will be a big breakthrough once the registration is being conducted in the refugee camps.

There were more than 250,000 refugees fled from Burma and took refuge in Bangladesh in early 1990s and most of them were repatriated by the cooperation of UNHCR and government some years later and some were resettled to third-countries.

Some 20,000 Rohingya refugees still remain under UNHCR mandate in two official camps. Meanwhile, thousands remain unregistered yet and have been living under squalid and sub-human condition across Bangladesh. They have become refugees through mass exodus of Rohingya caused by brutal operation called “operation Pye Thaya” by the former military junta in early 1990s.

Meeting on Rohingya Birth Registration

Meeting on Rohingya Birth Registration (Photo: Saiful Rohin/ Rohingya Vision)

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