msa November 24, 2016

By Rohingya Mirror | RVision TV News

Cox’s Bazaar — The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) have detained hundreds of Rohingya Refugees fleeing from the army assaults in Myanmar in the recent days, while pushing many groups of the refugees back to Myanmar, a reliable source reports.

It has reported that the BGB detained at least two groups of the refugees at two different points and pushed back another group towards Myanmar last two days ago.

Nearly 200 Rohingya refugees who crossed into the Border of Bangladesh through the village of Zaadi Mora in Nhila area of Bangladesh on Tuesday night were forcibly pushed back towards Myanmar by Bangladesh’s BGB around 10 AM on Wednesday (on November 23).

Later, a UNHCR staff from office of the UNHCR Bangladesh arrived at the scene and held a brief meeting with the BGB. Afterwards, the BGB called the 200 refugees back and took them to an unidentified location instead of deporting directly into Myanmar. Going by the latest reports, these refugees have been detained at a detention centre (that is yet to be identified) in Cox’s Bazaar area.

In another incident, 52 Rohingya Refugees have been reportedly detained in Police custody in Ukiya station yesterday (on November 23). Of the 52 Rohingya refugees, 35 were arrested at 2 AM on Tuesday night while the remaining 17 were arrested on yesterday morning.

Moreover, in an earlier incident on Monday night, approximately 50 vulnerable Rohingya Refugees were reported to have been deported by the BGB while crossing the border from Balukhali exit point of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has turned back many refugees in the recent weeks disregarding the deadly consequences the refugees would likely to face upon any encounter with the Burmese Navy in the Naff River.

“Many people have been forced back by the Bangladesh. Many of those people pushed back were killed by the Burmese Navy as they were pushed back. Please understand that we are not economic migrants but refugees fleeing our homeland in fear of getting killed by the Burmese brutal army” said a Rohingya refugee in Cox’s Bazaar who faced risked his life to cross into Bangladesh.

The Burmese troops have killed hundreds of civilians, arrested more 1,000 innocent villagers, raped at least 80 women and burnt down more than 3,000 homes displacing at 30,000 people in the pretext of ‘Clearance Operation’ or the Hunt-Down on the alleged militants responsible for October 9 raid on three Border Guard Police (BGP) posts.

Soon after the offensive began on the Rohingya civilians in Myanmar, Bangladesh announced it would shut down the Border for the Rohingya Refugees.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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