MD October 31, 2013


Rohingya News Agency (RNA) and RVision TV join the International Student Conference which will be held 31st Oct – 1st Nov 2013 at Thammasat University Hall No. 103 in Bangkok.  The conference will focus on Student related issues, such as access to education, overcoming obstacles and challenges facing by students, development in the field science and other related discussion will be carried out under the title of Education Freedom. President of BARAT Najmul Alam Chowdri @ Mung Kyawnu will join the conference along with many other respectable guests and organizations

There will also be an Art Exhibition to display Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing against Muslims in Burma particularly Rohingya. The Exhibition is organizes by Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand in cooperation with RVision TV, Rohingya News Agency (RNA) and Rohingya National Party which is headed by Mr. Bashir Ahmed

More updates will be added soon..