AYPS Boot Camp: Migration & Youth Welfare

By Arifa August 13, 2016 12:25

AYPS Boot Camp: Migration & Youth Welfare

The first-ever leadership camp for Rohingya youth is taking place on August 14-15 at the International Youth Center, Malaysia. 30 selected Rohingya youth will come together for digital advocacy training, in hopes of launching their own campaigns to fight human trafficking and promote youth welfare in ASEAN. The camp will be live streamed to other refugee schools around the world.

Date: 14-15 August 2016 (Sunday-Monday)

Venue: International Youth Centre, Malaysia

Seats: 25 pax only (First come first serve basis)

Transportation: Provided in Ampang area (Subject to confirmation)

Topics of interest:

  • ASEAN Community and the Role of Youth
  • Writing compelling narratives
  • Islamic activism
  • Multi-stakeholder leadership
  • Migration rights and responsibilities
  • Social media tools
  • Project planning

In celebration of this year’s International Youth Day and the foundation day of ASEAN, this is presented by ASEAN Young Public Servants and ASEAN Youth Ending Slavery. Other institutional partners include IOM X, Committee for ASEAN Youth Cooperation, National Youth Commission of the Philippines, Malaysian Youth Parliament and WIEF Young Leaders Network.

Interested youths can register via the link below:




By Arifa August 13, 2016 12:25

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