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Authority Releases Innocent Rohingya Girls from Detention in Kyauktaw

By Sallam Oic ׀ Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kyauktaw, Arakan State ׀

Ten innocent Rohingya school girls arbitrarily arrested in relation to the destruction of the heads of Buddha Statues in Kyauktaw Township were released on June 18, according to local sources.

A Jetty in Kyauktaw Township
A Jetty in Kyauktaw Township

Some unknown miscreants destroyed heads of a few Buddha Statues in were destroyed Yadana Pun village also known as Nairong in Kyauktaw Township on July 11. At least, Kyauktaw Police subsequently arrested ten innocent Rohingya girls arbitrarily linking them to the incident.

“Ten innocent Rohingya girls were arbitrarily arrested in relation to the destructions of Buddha Statues. They were threatened, tortured and forced to admit guilty by the police including Rakhine State Commissioner. However, being innocent, they were steadfast and kept confessing innocent.

Therefore, the authority had to release the girls at the end. They came back home on July 18 after days in detention” said a local of Yadana Pun village.

The girls of age around fourteen are students of class eight in a local middle school in Yadana Pun village in the township.

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  1. Muhammad Zeshan Safdar Muhammad Zeshan Safdar July 24, 2014

    Buddhist ARE NOT PRACTISING THEIR RELIGION. It wasn't told by Buddha to kill detain and attack on others. His religion was totally different from today because that was about peace and love. These people are not buddhist but killers

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