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Authority Extort Money from Rohingyas for Renovating Homes

Authority Extort Money from Rohingyas for Renovating Homes
July 11
19:14 2014

By Rohingya Eye ׀Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Staff in Settlement and Land Records Department Maungdaw demands money from many Rohingya people under the pretext of constructing homes, say locals of Maungdaw Township.


Myanmar authority have imposed heavy restriction on Rohingyas whether in home renovations or against the constructing new ones.

The staff from is a Land Recorder in the department is identified to be U Kyaw Win of Rakhine extremist background. He is said to have been demanding money from local Rohingyas at Pwin-Phyu-Chaung village in northern Maungdaw under the accusation of building new homes without permissions.

“The villagers have not constructed any new homes but some people have renovated their walls and roofs of their homes. For just that, U Kyaw Win has arbitrarily accused them of newly constructing homes. Therefore, he is trying to extort Kyat 300,000 from each of the accused household.

He threatened the villagers, on June 6, ‘if you fail to pay me the money I demand, I will destroy your homes and get you arrested by Border Guard Police (BGP) in Kyar-Gaung-Taung village.’

Since the Rohingyas are poor, they are unable to fulfill his demand. And the people had to go into hiding to escape arbitrary arrests by the police” said a local of the village on the condition of anonymity.

“The accused Rohingyas are:

1)     Fayas (son of) Abul Kasim (of age 21)

2)     Mohammed Salim (son of) Rashid Ahmed (of age 24)

3)     Sulaiman (son of) Tufail (of age 30)

4)     Mohammed Rashid (son of) Shafi (of age 30)

5)     Rashid Ahmed (son of) Anu Meah (of age 40)

6)     Furqaan (son of) Abu Ahmed (of age 36)

7)     Shukkor (son of) Abdur Rahim (of age 38)

8)     Abu Salam (son of) Hussein Ahmed (of age 27)

9)     Noor Alam (son of) Abdur Rahim (of age 50) he added.

The village administrator either, Noor Hashim, can’t give any protection to the villagers as he has authority to do so when it comes to the police” he added.

The Department Settlement and Land Records is a child agency of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation Myanmar.

Similarly, the village administrator of Ngan Chaung village- U Win Htay of Rakhine ethnic background- has extorted money from Rohingya villagers for renovating their homes and by falsely promising them that they would be able to build new houses.

“On June 25, the village administrator of Ngan-Chaung extorted money from a few Rohingya households for renovating their homes. The victims of money extortion are:

1)     Nu Nu (daughter of) Siraaz (of age 48), Kyat 100,000

2)     Abul Bashar (son of) Rashid (of age 45), Kyat 50,000

3)     Abdul Maabud (son of) Abdur Razzak (of age 52), he had to destroyed the newly extended balcony at his home despite paying Kyat 30,000 to the administrator.

Besides, he exacted money from a few villagers deceiving them that they would be able to build new homes. They are-

1)     Mohammed Alam (son of) Shomshu Alam (of age 35)

2)     Deen Mohammed (son of) Noor Mohammed (of age 32)

3)     Noor Habi (son of) Sayedullah (of age 32)

4)     Sayed Alam (son of) ? (of age 36)

Upon believing his words, they started to build some new houses. However, the villagers later had to their half-built homes since they had no permissions for that as per the higher authority” said Khalid (not the real name), a local of the region.

“Therefore, the villagers claimed that they wanted the money they paid to the villager administrator back. But the administrator is returning their money” he continued.

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