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Authority Arrests Three Innocent Rohingya, a High School Caught Fire in Maungdaw

By MYARF & MFQ ׀ Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan ׀

Maungdaw authority arrested and detained three innocent Rohingya under arbitrary accusations on July 30, while a High School in northern Maungdaw caught fire a day after, according to the sources on the ground.


A joint group of thirty officers from different departments in Maungdaw raided the Zulaa hamlet of Myo Oo (formerly called Italia) village around 11:00PM on July 30. They arbitrarily arrested three people named:

1)    Ismail (son of) Ariff Ali (of age 50)

2)    Rafique (son of) Zakir Ahmed (of age 35)

3)    Mohammed Shah (son of) Zakir Ahmed (of age 30) (No. 2 and No.3 are brothers).

“They arrested three people. When their neighbors came out to ask why they were being arrested, the authority fired warning-shots fifteen times to frighten the people. U Ismail and the other two were accused of lodging complaints to the Border Guard Police Headquarter against some police personnel that they collaborated with the village administrator, Hefzu Rahman, to extort money from the innocent villagers” said a villager declining to be named.

In a separate incident a day later, the Basic Education High School at Mingalagyi (also known as Feran Furu) village in northern Maungdaw caught fire around 10PM. Three structures of the school caught fire simultaneously and burnt into ashes, according to the eye-witnesses. How the school caught fire has not been known yet. Many Rohingyas from the village were investigated by the Border Guard Police of Region 6 on August 2. The school is located amid Rohingya residences,  says a local Rohingya.

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