Authorities Scrutinize Religious Scholars and Mosque Committee Members

By December 23, 2015 17:03

Authorities Scrutinize Religious Scholars and Mosque Committee Members

By Rohingya Mirror

Buthidaung, Arakan state (Rohingya Vision) – The Burmese (Myanmar) authorities have recently started scrutinizing the Rohingya Religious Scholars, Mosque Imams (Guides) and Mosque Committee members in Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships and compiling their personal data recently, according to the reliable sources.

The Burmese Defence Security Intelligence (SaYaPha) based in ‘Nyaung Chaung’ village in Buthidaung, for the reasons best known to them, summoned all of the Mosque and Religious Schools’ Committee members, the teachers of the Islamic Religious Schools and the Mosques’ Leaders (Imams) in 12 Rohingya villages around their (the SaYaPha’s) ‘Nyaung Chaung’ Camp base on December 12.

The Defence Security Intelligence scrutinized them (the Rohingya religious scholars and mosque committee members) and compiled their data. The authorities gave the Rohingyas two ‘FORMS’ to each of them and asked them to fill them up.

In the two separate forms, one is for to fill up ‘Personal Bio Data’ and another one is for ‘the Mosque and the Religious School.

In the form given to fill up personal bio-data, there are some controversial columns asking questions such as;

  • When and where were you and your parents born?
  • When did you arrive and settle at the place (mentioned) and why? Etc.

Therefore, it is like the Burmese government is trying to portray the Rohingyas as illegal immigrants who are nothing but sons of soils of Arakan state. It’s like insulting Rohingya people.

“When they asked the commander of SaYaPha, they replied that they were carrying out the scrutiny under the direction of the state-government. The SaYaPha also threatened if they don’t fill up the forms in the given time, actions will be taken against them,” said a local in Buthidaung Township.

Similar scrutiny has been conducted against the Islamic Religious Buildings, Islamic scholars and the Mosques’ Committee members in northern Maungdaw since past few weeks. They are compiling each and every data concerning the people and the Islamic religious affiars.

“We don’t know why they are doing it. The reasons are best known to them.

We are peace-lovers. But we feel that they might severe persecution against us even more after doing that,” said a concerned religious scholar in Maungdaw.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]              

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By December 23, 2015 17:03

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