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Authorities Plot to Escalate Violence against Rohingya Using Hindus in Muslim Disguise

By Rohingya Mirror

RVision TV News

Maungdaw – The Burmese authorities backed by an extremist section of Rakhine society are plotting to escalate an already ongoing military violence against the local Rohingya civilians in Maungdaw tonight by using some members of the local Hindu community, who look like Rohingyas in appearances, a reliable source reports.

The Hindus have been trained how to recite some Quranic verses and chant Takbir ‘Allahu Akbar.’ According to latest reports, around 100 Hindus have gathered before the Maungdaw Hospital in Muslim dress-up and disguised as local Rohingya Muslims since 9:00 PM (Myanmar Time).

They are expected to chat ‘Allahu Akbar’ and instigate local Muslims, who are unaware of the plot staged by the authorities, to violently act against the authorities tonight in the name of ‘Jihad.’ If not tonight, it is expected in anytime soon.

An elderly Rohingya man said “I believe the authorities and the military are staging the plot so that they can have the follow benefits in their favor.

  • When chanting ‘Allahu Akbar’ and rallying along the roads in the downtown, the government will film them (the Hindus) and portray them as the Rohingyas to be calling for Jihad; and in turn, with those videos, the military will portray the local Rohingyas to the world as terrorists.
  • To kill more innocent Rohingyas when any unaware Rohingyas come out to the street and happen to join the rallying Hindus in Muslim disguise.
  • To arbitrary arrest more innocent Rohingyas
  • And to loot Rohingya-owned shops.

Through the different media platforms, we are letting the world know in advance that no Muslim in Maungdaw Township is involved in such a rally (of the Hindu people in Muslim disguise) that may happen tonight or anytime in the future.”

The local fears that if the Burmese authorities and the military are successful in their plot, they will have a perfect excuse to create unrests and the local Rohingyas in the downtown of Maungdaw as well as in southern Maungdaw.

Comparing to the region of northern Maungdaw where the military has been conducting full-blown offensive wars against the Rohingya civilians, the downtown of Maungdaw and the southern outskirt of Maungdaw are relatively quiet.

Therefore, it is likely the Burmese authorities and the military want to escalate the offensive war against the Rohingya civilians all over Maungdaw and from there, all over Arakan.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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