Shuaib September 20, 2016

Maungdaw- Authorities held a meeting of the village heads in town hall on 18, August and ordered them to collect the list of recently built Rohingya houses and religious constructions to destroy which is a new conspiracy of the authorities to vanish Rohingya from Arakan.   

According to the locals, the meeting organizers are the Maungdaw township administrator U Hla Myint , the colonel of Arakan border forces Htien Lin and Arakan Law-makers.

In the meeting, the colonel Htien Lin said in the mood of attack on Rohingya, “There are so many new comers from Bangladesh who have recently built houses illegally in Maungdaw and some religious constructions have been built too without taking orders from the government. So you all, collect the list of them in detail quickly as they are needed to be destroyed soon.”

Hearing his hateful speech, a brave Rohingya village head said, “Rohingya built the houses after getting the permission from NA-SA-KA (former Border Security Force) and all of them constructed the house with bamboos, timbers and thatches. After removing NA-SA-KA, the government has permitted us to construct such kinds of houses freely but if anyone wants to build building, only he has to apply to the authorities concerned for legal permission. And none of our Rohingya has built building as we all are poor people who lead a hand-to-mouth life.”

After his reply, the colonel changed his tone and ordered them to collect the list of houses and religious constructions built without permission during 2015 to 1016. And they will allow to keep only one house in a family list whether the family is nuclear or extended one. If they find more than one house in a family list, they destroy them.

In an extended family, they may occupy more than one though they are all in a family list only as they cannot stay in a tiny shelter built with bamboo, timber and thatch. And when the authorities will come to destroy the houses and religious constructions aiming at cleansing ethic Rohingya, situation will become bad and worrisome, said a thoughtful Rohingya.

Edited by: M. Shuaib

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