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Authorities’ Genocidal Activities Persists, Forcing Rohingyas to Flee

By Rohingya Vision TV | 24th December 2017

Rathedaung: Authorities’ genocidal activities still persists on remaining 4 villages of Rathedaung and forcing Rohingya families to take perilous journey towards Bangladesh, report sources.

Nearly 10 families from KanSeik hamlet of OakPho Village Track were forced to flee towards Bangladesh on 22nd December at afternoon. “All our survival tools and livelihood have been blockaded by Burmese Authorities along with Extremists Rakhines (Mogh) and we have been starving for months” says one of the victim.

Since 25th August 2017, 20 villages out of 24 villages in Rathedaung Township have been completely destructed and evacuated by Burmese Regime and now few remaining Rohingyas are forced to flee or left to starve to vanish the existence of Rohingya. Rathedaung holds historical evidences of Rohingya’s existence and was once mostly populated with Rohingyas from centuries.

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